Why Choose Dessus for Your Custom Cycling Kit?

When it comes to custom cycling apparel, Dessus stands out for a distinct reason. Unlike other options in the market, we bridge the gap between big brands offering quality kits with limited design choices and the compromise of poor-quality, cheap alternatives. Our dedicated team, comprised of lifelong cyclists and qualified graphic designers, is committed to delivering ultra-high-quality kit paired with creative designs. We prioritize a personalized, one-to-one service with a straightforward process, aiming to create custom cycling apparel that not only meets but exceeds your expectations for both style and performance.

What Types of Kit Can Dessus Produce?

At Dessus, we turn your dreams into reality. Unlike simply placing logos on pre-set templates, we collaborate closely with you and our factories to offer customization options that go beyond our standard product offerings. While we showcase a selection of frequently requested products on our website, we encourage you to share your specific requirements with us via email (contact@dessus.cc). We're dedicated to exploring possibilities and bringing your unique vision to life.

How Much Does Custom Dessus Kit Cost?

Visit our custom products page for detailed pricing information, including team discounts. The cost covers the entire design process and delivery, ensuring a transparent and comprehensive pricing structure.

How Long Does It Take to Produce Custom Kit?

The design process is flexible to suit your timeline, allowing you to take as much time as needed to finalize the perfect kit. After design approval, our standard delivery timeframe is 6-8 weeks. For those with tighter deadlines, we offer rush services with production times of 2-3 weeks (30% surcharge) and 4-5 weeks (15% surcharge). We're committed to accommodating your schedule and delivering exceptional results promptly.

What Is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

Typically, our MOQ is 5 pieces, allowing for a mix of sizes within this quantity. Orders below the 5-piece threshold may incur a surcharge. However, we're flexible with larger overall orders and can discuss waiving this surcharge in some cases.

How Good is Dessus Kit?

At Dessus, we take pride in the quality of our kit. Collaborating closely with factories on fit and fabric selection, we craft premium cycling apparel that we would confidently use in our own races and rides. Explore our customer testimonials to discover what others are saying about their experiences with Dessus custom cycling apparel.