The Dessus Aero Jersey was borne out of a discussion with a former pro cyclist about how the current crop of cycling jerseys weren't meeting expectations, it looks to address these issues without consideration for the status quo.


Zipless construction.

The interface between an inelastic zip and elastic materials on a traditional jersey is a cause of material bunching on the rider's front, by foregoing a zip and using carefully chosen materials the Dessus Aero Jersey allows for smooth airflow and a skintight fit. The zip-free construction also allows the rider to wear the jersey directly onto the skin without irritation.


Integrated pockets.

The Dessus Aero Jersey's pockets are integrated into the jersey to allow for smooth airflow, the two pockets are centrally positioned to avoid the outer edges of your pockets increasing your frontal area around your sides when full. Both pockets have a concealed zip closure so you can be confident that your valuables are safe no matter how aggresive your riding position is. The two zips are shielded from the wind by a reflective strip to make sure you are safe and seen.


Skinsuit neckline.

A wide neckline allows for cool air to flow around your neck and avoids the flapping material of a collar.


Lightweight, aerodynamic materials.

The materials that make up the Dessus Aero Jersey have been carefully chosen to give the perfect fit and function, the body panels are made from an elastic, lightweight and aerodynamically ribbed material that stretches enough to allow the rider to pull the garment over their head and also have a skintight fit for smooth airflow. The material on the sleeves has a dimpled texture to manage airflow on the rider's leading edge whilst also allowing cool air to flow over the skin.


Strategically placed seams.

Every seam in the construction of the Dessus Aero Jersey has had its placement considered for its impact on both the aerodynamics of the garment and the fit. A prime example of this is the seam across the shoulder, it has been positioned further forward onto the rider's chest to lessen its impact on airflow and also allow the material to sit flat against the skin.


Full-length sleeves.

The perforated material of the sleeves on the Dessus Aero Jersey means that it can be stretched to suit the length of each individual's arm allowing it to sit comfortably near the crease of the elbow with less elastic tension in the material, staying there throughout the ride.

A white Dessus Aero cycling jersey sits in front of a black Dessus Nero Aero Jersey.