The first generation Dessus Aero Jersey was borne out of a discussion with a former pro cyclist about how the current crop of cycling jerseys weren't meeting expectations, it looks to address these issues without consideration for the status quo, a philosophy that is and always will be at the heart of Dessus.

When it comes to design we will always start from a blank canvas - the way something has always been isn't necessarily the way it always should be. This approach led us to designing the world's first registered zipless aero jersey and through continuous improvement has led us to the Dessus Aero.21, our flagship jersey. By way of its zipless design and integrated rear pockets, the Dessus Aero.21 has been tested by Body Rocket to be faster than the market-leading grand tour winning jersey, 8-16w faster than a traditional jersey and the pockets are 5-10w faster than standard pockets when loaded. Huge gains made from thinking outside of the box. Click here for the full data breakdown.

We don't, however, make changes for the sake of change, some improvements on the market's current offering are purely from a comfort or quality standpoint that other brands are not willing to push for. Our Fondista bib shorts, for example, are manufactured in Italy from the finest true black fabrics with a Dolomiti endurance chamois, integrated silicone gripper and compression fit, all topped off with reflective graphics to ensure that you are seen looking your best.

The aim with every Dessus release is the be the best product available in whatever each garment sets out to achieve, whether that is speed, comfort or warmth.