The data chico, it never lies...

Our primary aim with the Dessus Aero.21 was to produce a jersey that is faster than what is currently available from other brands. We've achieved this with more than marginal gains but like any claim, we've got to back it up with cold, hard data.

We chose to test with Body Rocket and their proprietary on-board aero technology currently in its late prototype phase with release looming. Through comparative testing in the wind tunnel has been found to be as accurate as traditional testing, the thinking behind using this tech rather than a traditional wind tunnel is that if kit is designed to be raced on the road then it should be tested as such, races are won and lost on the road. For the technical intricacies of Body Rocket's cutting edge tech, head on over to their website

Each kit set up was tested over multiple runs around a track in a crouched position on the hoods, the most common riding position in a long road race and therefore the most ripe for valuable improvements. All jerseys were tested as the only variable – shorts, bike, helmet etc. were identical for each test.


The jerseys we chose to test:

Dessus Aero.21 Jersey – Our latest release for 2021, a zipless aero jersey with integrated rear side-access pockets, the fit has also been improved since our previous model. In our test, this jersey is the baseline from which the others are measured.

Dessus Aero Jersey – our first generation zipless aero jersey model from 2020, horizontal integrated rear pockets with a flap to conceal their zip.

Market leading aero jersey – The top of the range aero jersey from one of the largest brands in cycling, chosen not just for its strong aero credentials but also its real-world results being the jersey that has won multiple grand tours in recent years.

Standard jersey – A standard club-level jersey with a full length zip and three rear pockets.

Test  CdA % difference Power at 40kph (W) Speed at FTP (kph) Estimated cost at FTP (200-400W)
Dessus Aero.21 Jersey 0.332 - 327 42.01 -
Dessus Aero Jersey 0.334 +1% 330 41.91 +2-4w
Market leading aero jersey 0.339 +2% 334 41.72 +4-8w
Standard jersey 0.344 +4% 338 41.52 +8-16w
Dessus Aero.21 Jersey with loaded pockets 0.339 +2% 334 41.72 +4-8w

Standard Jersey with loaded pockets

0.364 +9% 355 40.79 +18-36w
Dessus Aero.21 Jersey with loaded pockets 0.339 +2% 334 41.72 +4-8w

Standard Jersey with loaded pockets

0.364 +9% 355 40.79 +18-36w

*’Estimated cost at threshold (200-400w) based on % difference in CdA.

“The Dessus jersey design changes only 2% with contents in pockets vs a standard jersey, which sees a 5% increase in drag with contents in the pockets” – Body Rocket

“Dessus Jersey design is less affected by contents in pockets, which can save 5-10w” – Body Rocket

Data is only half the battle, ultimately it's about you getting your hands in the air, beating your PBs, simply going faster - what could you achieve with these savings?

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