Dessus new zipless aero jersey: is this really the “fastest” jersey out there?

  • British brand says its aero jersey has been tested out on the road with Body Rocket’s on-board drag technology

Yorkshire based Dessus has refined its aero jersey and claims that it is the equivalent of 4-8 watts faster than the market leading aero jersey at 40 km/h (25mph) and the equivalent of 8-16 watts faster than a standard jersey, confirmed by testing with British aero data tech developers Body Rocket.

2021 Dessus aero.21 jersey 1

The new Dessus Aero.21 Jersey is a zipless design with rear pockets that are said to have less of an aero penalty than usual when loaded up with snacks and valuables.

2021 Dessus Aero.21 Jersey Nero(1)

Tests were conducted with Body Rocket’s on-board aero technology that claims to give real-time wind tunnel data to riders out on the road.

2021 Dessus Aero.21 Jersey Nero back

The Brighton-based tech company recently partnered with BMC, as we reported last month, to refine the accuracy of its device on the Swiss brand's bikes. Dessus tested its jersey with Body Rocket technology in the “late prototype phase with release looming”, according to the Yorkshire clothing brand.

Is this reliable enough?

“The thinking behind using this tech rather than a traditional wind tunnel is that if kit is designed to be raced on the road then it should be tested as such; races are won and lost on the road,” Dessus says.

Tests were conducted around a track in a crouched position, hands on the hoods. Dessus says that this is “the most common riding position in a long road race and therefore the most ripe for valuable improvements”.

Aside from the jersey, all other items of kit such as shorts, bike and helmet were identical for each test.

Results by Dessus and Body Rocket show that the refined Aero.21 jersey was 4-8 watts faster than a market leading aero jersey and 8-16 watts faster than a standard jersey. If you object to the phraseology, you'd have to put out that much less power in order to achieve the same 40 km/h (25mph) while wearing the Aero.21 jersey, according to these results.

More aero gains can be found with the two integrated rear pockets which, as well as being redesigned for ease of use, are said to be “less aerodynamically affected by their contents”.

2021 Dessus Aero.21 Jersey Nero pocket

“The Dessus jersey design changes only 2% with contents in pockets vs a standard jersey, which sees a 5% increase in drag with contents in the pockets,” Body Rocket says.

The table below is a full data breakdown found on the Dessus website (link is external).

2021 Dessus Aero.21 jersey test data table.JPG

The jersey also features a new waist gripper to ensure added security of fit.

2021 Dessus aero.21 jersey 7

The sleeve design is said to be “a nod to the countless hours of testing in the Wharfe Valley” and is based on the topographic contours of the area.

2021 Dessus aero.21 jersey 4

The Dessus Nero Aero.21 jersey costs £120 and is available in Nero (black with red highlights), Rosso (red) and Azul (light blue).

2021 Dessus Aero.21 Jersey Nero azul

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