Meet the designer - Charlotte Jarps

Jarpz and Dessus have teamed up in 2021 to bring some added style to proceedings with the Aero.21 jersey. Charlotte’s primary focus is creating hand-painted custom shoes from her base in the North East of England, her business started from a need for a creative outlet alongside her job as a teacher of Design & Technology. She applied her skills practicing on old pairs of shoes going through trial and error with an array of paints, brushes and techniques eventually nailing it and finding a love for using shoes as a canvas and seeing plain shoes transform. Initially not knowing how popular custom shoes were in the cycling world, the requests came in at a rate of knots and she decided to unload the stress of teaching, take a risk and work on Jarpz full-time in 2019. Charlotte’s love of cycling preceded the business after inheriting her mam’s bike and riding out with her Dad on the weekends who bought her first set of kit, which of course had to be customised.

The surface design for the Aero.21 jersey was a collaborative effort, the brief was to produce a sleek design with subtle links to Dessus’ Yorkshire roots and a design showing the contours of the Yorkshire Dales was settled on in three colourways. It’s a long process from design to manufacture but Charlotte says it was all worth it seeing positive feedback from customers on social media.

Dessus is just a small part of Charlotte’s plans for 2021, a collaboration with another brand is on the horizon before working with a team to produce custom glasses alongside lots of exciting things happening on social media and in print. Beyond 2021 Charlotte has big plans to expand Jarpz with new merch and big ideas for a range of DIY custom painting kits and plans to fulfil her dream to collaborate on a range of limited edition cycling shoes shoes.

Check out Charlotte’s work on the Dessus Aero.21 here and keep an eye out for more collaborations on the horizon!

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