Dessus Spring launch - Vienne arm & leg warmers

The Dessus range is expanding just in time for spring - introducing the Dessus Vienne arm & leg warmers. The Vienne range is designed to address issues that have plagued the traditional arm warmers for decades.

Historically, arm & leg warmers have not met expectations of fit and quality, seemingly simple adjustments have led us to design what we believe to be the best on the market. With a truly second-skin fit and extra-wide grippers, the Vienne warmers stay put without any unneccesary pressure around the extremeties. A highly elastic supplementary gripper at the wrist and ankle makes sure that the Vienne warmers stay in place for your entire ride.

The Vienne Arm Warmers are made in Italy and embrace premium fabric technologies to guarantee the best fit and warmth on those chilly spring and autumn mornings. To this end, the Vienne range is named in honour of textiles mogul and Paris-Roubaix co-founder Théodore Vienne. The majority of the arm is shrouded in black fibre roubaix fabric whilst the forearm panel is made from a carbon super-roubaix to protect your leading edge as you hit the wind. Constructed from highly elastic fabrics, the Dessus Vienne range is designed to fit tightly upon first wear and quickly ease off to a perfect fit.


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